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Waterproof Bike Pouch Bag
Waterproof Bike Pouch Bag
Waterproof Bike Pouch Bag

Waterproof Bike Pouch Bag

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  1. Hard shell three-dimensional shape: can reduce the damage during collision.
  2. Strong pressure resistance, can effectively reduce the impact of the contents of the bag by external force.
  3. Internal grid compartment: effectively absorbs and separates items to prevent scratches between objects.
  4. Textured carbon grain PU fabric: effective against rain.
  5. Built-in mesh bag is stored in order: rational use of space.
  6. Double zipper design: convenient for the headphone charging cable to extend.
  7. It is easy to secure and not shake with the triple male and female sticking band.
  8. Reasonable ratio: the legs will not touch the bag without binding when riding.
  9. Reflective LOGO design, water-repellent pressure plastic zipper.

Brand: Wheel up
Material: EVA+PU
Color: Black
Size: 240x100x80mm/9.44*3.93*3.14''
Net weight: 152g
Capacity: 1L
Fixed: sticking band
Uses: Installed on the front beam when riding, loaded with various small items
Package Includes:
1 x Bike Pouch

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