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plumbing sink wrench
plumbing sink wrench
plumbing sink wrench

The Plumber's Sink Wrench

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Fix Under Any Tight Areas!

No need to become a contortionist just to reach that one tough nut, bolt or line! Use The Plumber’s Sink Wrench and makes installing faucets & sinks so much easier. This handy tool can save your knuckles, back, and money! 

The wrench is especially perfect for plumbing jobs when nuts are in the most difficult to reach areas. It can fit nuts of most sizes and is very easy to use. With the length of this tool, reaching far off spots behind sinks or toilets is much easier.


Material: Plastic + Aluminum

    Dual Head

    • Weight: 312g
    • Dimensions: 52mm X 300mm X 19mm
    • Suitable for: 2, 3, 4, and 6 tab basin nuts, supply line nuts, 7/8" and 1" hex nuts
    • Inclusion: Aluminum insert for turning angle stop handles x 1, aluminum insert for holding strainer baskets in place x 1

    Package Includes

    1 x The Plumber's Sink Wrench

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