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Portable 4L Cooling And Warming Mini Refrigerator
Portable 4L Cooling And Warming Mini Refrigerator
Portable 4L Cooling And Warming Mini Refrigerator

Portable 4L Cooling And Warming Mini Refrigerator

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Car refrigerators are very popular in developed countries in Europe and America. In the summer, it can bring you cold drinks. Whether you are traveling outdoors or encountering traffic jams, you can enjoy drinks and food at the right temperature.
The small car refrigerator is light and easy to carry. Its beautiful appearance and design, full of functions will bring you comfort, especially after you work hard, enjoy the cold drink, it will reduce your day's fatigue.
It uses semiconductors instead of compressors and refrigerants. It has low pollution, low noise, light weight, long life and low energy consumption. Use it anytime you needed your food or beverages cold/hot.

1. For correct use, please read the following precautions carefully. Improper use will cause casualties and damage to small refrigerators.
2. Prevent the fan from being blocked, the blockage will be heated and accelerated, causing fire. wool, cloth and other items not to be placed on the refrigerator.
3.Plug the wires tightly, otherwise it will cause heat and damage to the wires and plugs, and even cause a fire.
4.Keep the small refrigerator away from inflammable and moisture to prevent explosions and fires.
5. Do not disassemble or modify the small refrigerator.
6.When cooling, do not suddenly turn on the heating function; when heating, do not suddenly turn on the cooling function (put the switch to OFF for 30 minutes and then turn it on)
7. Do not rinse with water.
8. Do not invert.
9. Prevent collision and vibration.

Name: Portable Mini Fridge
Model: 929165
Keep cool temperature:5 degree
Keep hot temperature:65 degree
Watt:cool mode:48W
Warm mode:45EW
Size: 18*23*25cm
Package size: 28*21.5*31cm
Low power consumption.
Small size and lightweight, easy to carry.
Large capacity, enough for use.

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